From the concrete floors up, Brunswick lanes are designed differently from competitors’ lanes to provide these critical advantages:

  • Stronger installations
  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Lower cost over the long run

Brunswick lane systems superiority starts with our exclusive, I-joist supported foundations. Compared to others, our lane foundations result in:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Less floor movement over time
  • Less stress on lane surface

Our exclusive Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) underlayment board provides the next layer of advantages for Brunswick lane systems. LSL boards offer:

  • 2.5 times greater strength than fiberboard/MDF
  • Greater uniformity/consistency than natural wood
  • Greater moisture-resistance
  • Greater screw-holding strength


There is no mistaking the distinctive surface of Brunswick synthetic lane systems, and no way to overlook all of the advantages that our exclusive features offer to bowlers and center owners alike. Whether you choose Pro Lane or Anvilane, here are some of the benefits you can always expect:


  • Natural, maple image provides a bright, light, attractive appearance for many years to come
  • Solid, phenolic construction virtually eliminates risk of delamination
  • Patented edge-to-edge, full-lane and approach glow for unbeatable Cosmic Bowling® effects
  • Bridged foul-lines eliminate foul-line seams to provide greater strength
  • Wider, 5’ seamless lane approach eliminates slide area seam to enhance structural integrity
  • Customizable lane graphics to market your center in an innovative way


  • Wide lane approach improves bowlers’ footing and confidence
  • Surface markings such as release dots and lane arrows work as great teaching tools and visual guides for bowlers
  • Flatter, smoother, more evenly finished lanes for consistent/reliable ball roll and action


  • Anti-skid pindecks reduce standing-pin sliding and out-of-range pins
  • Low-maintenance surface that’s easy to condition and clean, with no resurfacing or repair program required


  • 7/16” (1.11 cm) thick panels
  • Patented down-lane markings help bowlers develop precise break points and improve scores
  • Lifetime warranty against delamination
  • Patented alternating light/dark board design
  • Our famous look and patented design with every fifth board outlined
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