Limited only by your imagination! With custom lanes by Brunswick, you can create a truly out-of-this world environment that distinguishes you from the competition and gives your customers an experience they won’t forget.

Our patent-pending process allows for the application of photographic images, logos — any design imaginable — in both glow and non-glow graphics.

And remember, all Brunswick custom lanes are built with either Pro Lane or Anvilane systems and offer all the great features & advantages you’ve come to expect.



For a more sophisticated feel, you can also create lanes in a wide variety of wood grain options or turn up the fun by creating bright, colorful lanes using almost any color in the spectrum.

Both wood grain and colored lanes also produce our exclusive “full-lane glow” effect under black light.

  • 11 Standard colors plus an array of additional options
  • Available with Anvilane
  • Full lane glow optional
  • Standard colors USBC approved


For centers that want to cater to serious bowlers for league and tournament play but also create an unforgettable cosmic experience for casual bowlers, choose Transform Lanes, a Brunswick exclusive.

Transform Lanes look and function as normal lanes in natural light but “transform” under black light into unforgettable environments with amazing graphic effects.

  • Ultra-bright glow graphics under black light
  • Available with Anvilane or Pro Lane
  • Choose from Brunswick’s standard “Ocean” graphics or work with us to create your own unique theme
  • Graphics can be applied to lanes and/or approaches
  • USBC approved


Centers that want to create a distinctive themed environment for casual bowlers and families can create a custom, colorful design that’s visible by day and also produces and ultra-cool glow effect under black light.

  • Vivid full color graphics created specifically for your environment
  • Graphics can be applied to lanes and/or approaches
  • Full lane glow optional
  • Patent pending
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