WizColor Pigment Kit

Product Description

Our WizColors are not dyes but rather actual color pigments. When no color pigment was added to earlier versions of Wizard II, it cured to a “yellowish” shade of white making it difficult to color match lighter balls. Since we completely re-engineered Wizard II the summer of 2010, it now cures to a bright white. Now, with a little practice color matching can be achieved, even with polyester balls.

  • Actual color pigments (not dyes)
  • Stir 15-30 seconds then pour, 2-3 minute gel time
  • Add pigment drops as needed to achieve desired color(s)
  • Kit contains thirteen 1 oz bottles; individual 2 oz bottles sold separately
  • Pigment colors include: white, black, brown, yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, blue, teal, green, gold pearl, and silver pearl

Kit with all colors (1 oz size bottles): 66-440023-011

2 oz size bottle replacements:
White – 66-440010-002
Black – 66-440001-002
Brown – 66-440012-002
Yellow – 66-440011-002
Orange – 66-440006-002
Red – 66-440009-002
Magenta – 66-440013-002
Purple – 66-440008-002
Blue – 66-440002-002
Teal – 66-440015-002
Green – 66-440004-002
Gold Pearl – 66-440016-002
Silver Pearl – 66-440014-002


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