The simplicity of the Brunswick StringPin pinsetter makes it extremely versatile. It provides a low-cost alternative for bars, resorts, community centers and small entertainment centers that want to add the fun of bowling without the added maintenance and power costs associated with traditional pinsetters.


It’s lightweight and compact design will fit in many residential homes and basements, yet so durable it can be used in busy commercial environments*.


Two lanes can fit within a 136” x 90’ space; however, additional space is typical for a seating area. Shorter lengths are possible if regulation length is not important. The StringPin pinsetter weighs 25% less than traditional pinsetters.


The StringPin pinsetter has two power options: three-phase 3 × 208v or 3 × 380v (International). Power converters may be used for locations with single-phase power only.


*Centers that require USBC certification should purchase GS®-X.


View Pre-Installation Manual  for additional specifications and diagrams.




Nobody knows pinsetters like Brunswick. In fact, Brunswick pinsetters have been around for more than 50 years and continue to serve many bowling centers today. The quality behind the StringPin pinsetter is no exception. This time-tested, proven design provides you with the reliability and performance you expect from Brunswick.


The “strings” used to control the pins aren’t really strings. Made from heavy-duty black nylon cord, the “strings” blend in with the background, making them practically invisible.


Backed by a rock-solid warranty, all StringPin pinsetter components are covered for one year, when installation is completed by an authorized installer.


Brunswick products are installed by skilled, authorized installers who are held to stringent guidelines and are subject to random quality audits to ensure each installation meets the industry- leading standards of Brunswick. To maintain product installation expertise, Brunswick conducts continuous installation training for all authorized installers.


Brunswick has installed bowling lanes in many homes around the world, including those of celebrities, professional athletes and those who simply desire the ultimate home “recreation” room.


Optional safety system available**.


** Consult with a local health and safety authority for confirmation on the equipment required for your area.



Easy, Economical and Efficient

The simple design of the StringPin pinsetter makes it easy to operate and maintain. Cleaning is simple, and the machine’s compact design allows easy access to maintenance areas.


The StringPin pinsetter is very economical compared to traditional pinsetters. StringPin requires fewer parts and adjustments, eliminating the need for a specialized mechanic and reducing labor costs.


The efficiency of the StringPin pinsetter can’t be beat. It operates on one 3-phase motor per machine, which runs only as needed.


Requiring a minimum of one 10-amp breaker per pair, this machine is highly efficient, further reducing your power consumption and lowering your operating costs.


Brunswick has the only StringPin pinsetter in the industry that comes standard with an LED pin deck light. No fluorescent tubes to change or dispose of. LEDs provide lower energy consumption, superior light quality, and last longer. Old pins even appear newer under the LED lights.




Front and back rails combined with a 19.68” (500mm) walkway allow easy access for service.       Includes rear ladder and front step

Covers keep dust and dirt out of machine’s moving parts

Safety guarding is available for markets with stringent safety regulations

Single ball detect

Black pit hides strings

Smart controller:

7” LCD touch screen

Multiple modes of operation

–              Scorer

–              Ten Pin

–              Practice/On demand pin setting

–              Cleaning

–              Diagnostics

Error code, machine state and diagnostic display

Vector and Sync scoring compatible

Smart controller is shown in the standard position affixed to the back of the pinsetter. Optional front mounting is available. Hand rails and step is removed

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