Game Breaker 4™



The Game Breaker series from Ebonite has been the brand’s most famous in recent years because of its performance and value, and we are incredibly excited to bring you the new Game Breaker 4 (GB4). Our core engineers carefully dissected the Enhanced V2 core to recreate the physical shape and numbers, knowing that this was the root of the Game Breaker line’s success. The GB4 is a solid reactive, featuring the proven GB 12.0 veneer, ensuring the performance and success you demand from a Game Breaker branded ball.   

GB 12.0 Solid Coverstock

Ebonite recommends Powerhouse Clean N’ Dull to keep your Game Breaker 4 performing at its best.



Category Value
Color Dark Red / Red
Reaction Strong midlane and backend
Coverstock GB 12.0 Solid
Factory Finish 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Core Enhanced V2
Weight 16-10 lb


Weight RG Diff
16 2.491 0.041
15 2.480 0.048
14 2.517 0.048
13 2.574 0.040
12 2.597 0.040
11 2.769 0.002
10 2.800 0.002

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