Spark™ is the industry’s first immersive, interactive scoring experience. Spark surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes. Spark engages every segment of entertainment seekers with software-driven technology and innovation that’s built for tomorrow but delivered today.


Spark’s energy starts at the scoring tablet and flows through the settee area, down the lane to the pins, surrounding the bowler in mesmerizing graphics. Spark’s fast, fun, engaging games encourage socialization while letting bowlers choose their own adventures.


Today’s consumers are tech-savvy families, professionals, and millennials looking for wholesome family activities, unique date night destinations, and interactive birthday party, group, and corporate outings that promote social connection. They expect their bowling experience to incorporate the kinds of technology they use every day. And that’s where Spark comes in.


Designed for casual and novice bowlers alike, Spark games introduce new targets and rules, giving bowlers of all ages and skill levels a chance to win. Spark encourages socialization as it creates countless Instagram-worthy moments for guests and revitalizes consumer perception and interest in bowling and provides an experience they are willing to pay more for.

Spark’s dynamic content keeps the experience fresh frame after frame. The ever-expanding library of interactive Sync games keeps guest engagement high, increases revenue per visit, and pulls through incremental F&B sales thanks to increased lineage.


Guests can select their Spark experience directly on their Sync tablets, choosing from more than 15 animation themes and even projecting their own photos onto the lane. Spark’s exclusive Heads-Up Display™ projects scores and stats directly on the lanes. Spark also brings your guests’ favorite Sync games to life on the lanes, from the mass appeal and brand power of Angry Birds to corporate events team competition provided by Rival Rumble.

Developed exclusively for Spark, Boombots turns the lane into an interactive part of the scoring experience. Boom Bots enables guests to score by hitting targets on the lanes as well as pins, supercharging the fun for casual bowlers while staying true to why guests are in the centerto hit pins.


  • Fully integrated Sync-based access and availability
  • The system is turned on/off based on scoring settings, reducing staff intervention and maximizing the life of the projectors
  • Sync’s Vision™ User Interface promotes Spark experience to guests


Brunswick has partnered with TouchMagix™ to introduce technology that revolutionizes the on-lane projection experience. Spark’s hardware automation simplifies ongoing management, and advanced laser projection technology lowers total cost of ownership.

  • No moving parts, no components accessible to guests
  • Operate using existing Sync scoring tablet
  • Four Spark nodes per lane pair, each containing an integrated projector, tracking sensor, and IR lighting
  • Light Ring at the base of each node indicates the system status as well as any errors
  • 20,000+ hour laser projector lamp life

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