Black Wolf Pro

Black Wolf Pro ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ The Black Wolf Pro, a superb combination of modern styling and rigorous engineering standards, features attractive and sturdy pedestal-style legs, a leg stretcher and [...]


  H ΠΡΟΤΙΜΟΜΕΝΗ ΕΠΙΛΟΓΗ ΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΧΤΩΝ ΠΟΥ ΓΝΩΡΙΖΟΥΝ… Κοιτάζοντας ένα τραπέζι Brunswick, θα δείτε συνεχείς καινοτομίες. Κάθε επιπλέον βήμα που λαμβάνουμε στη διαδικασία κατασκευής [...]


Sanibel ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ The Sanibel features a modern design with ultra clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Specialized hand hammered sights provide unique detailing and the new low-profile pockets [...]


The Henderson ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ The Henderson offers the sleek look of a fine dining room table with the legendary playability of the Brunswick Billiards brand.  A beautiful table in its own right, the [...]


Edinburgh ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ Alternating white oak and ash grained wood with metal trimming and carriage bolt heads makes the Edinburgh an ode to rustic heritage.  A weathered oak metal-trimmed pedestal [...]

Gold Crown VI

Gold Crown VI ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ The Gold Crown VI continues Brunswick’s tradition of excellence as the newest edition of the legendary table series. The Gold Crown VI features a familiar design [...]


MATANZA ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ Matanza is a uniquely designed table that will endure for generations. Every attribute from the pedestal design to the finish was created with pride.  Incorporate this beautiful [...]


DAMERON ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ Mixing solid hardwood, white oak veneer and employing steel legs, the durability and elegance of Dameron makes for a decadent piece that can accommodate any recreation space.  [...]


PURSUIT ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ A work of art that will command attention in any setting, the Pursuit is a combination of streamlined, angular aesthetics, a contemporary black wire brushed finish and [...]


SAGRADA ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ A beefy billiard table possessing a unique Sandwashed finish and mother of pearl sights, Sagrada offers great playability while drawing the admiration of onlookers and players [...]

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