Aero Dynamix™

Aero Dynamix™ OVERVIEW THE PERFECT COMPLIMENT! Aero quickly became a ball that gained some attention for its performance. It’s great looking but not flashy and is a ball that just does the right [...]


Aero™ OVERVIEW FILLS THE GAP! The Aero fills a gap for Ebonite by offering a more aggressive ball for more substantial volumes of oil compared to the rest of the line. The core, cover, and finish [...]

Omni Hybrid™

Omni Hybrid™ OVERVIEW A GREAT GO-TO BALL! The Omni Hybrid will be a great go-to ball when the solid and dull Omni or Aero are just too much ball. The polished GSV 2.0 Hybrid along with the [...]

Choice Solid

Choice Solid OVERVIEW SOME CHOICES ARE DIFFICULT. THIS ISN’T ONE OF THEM! Choice Solid will be your go to ball for heavy oil patterns. The combination of our GSV-1 coverstock and MOD-1 core [...]

Choice Pearl

Choice Pearl OVERVIEW Sometimes YOU make Choices. Sometimes Choices make YOU. Mod-1 and GSV-1 Pearl have teamed up to bring you the Choice Pearl. Its great color pales in comparison only to its [...]


Futura OVERVIEW We Are Predicting Lots Of Strikes In Your Future Futura features our latest development in coverstock design, giving you the most performance possible in this category. Imbedded [...]

Matrix Solid

Matrix Solid OVERVIEW Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? One of Ebonite’s most iconic bowling balls has returned with all new performance. Our GB 12.7 Solid coverstock wrapped around [...]

Game Breaker 4™

Game Breaker 4™ OVERVIEW PERFORMANCE AND VALUE! The Game Breaker series from Ebonite has been the brand’s most famous in recent years because of its performance and value, and we are incredibly [...]

Allure Solid™

Allure Solid™ OVERVIEW Controlable and Continuous! Allure Solid is eye-catching, the purple and blue are a perfect match, making this one of the best looking balls on the market. The Allure was [...]

Vortex V2

Vortex V2   OVERVIEW LIMITED EDITION VORTEX V2 – 2019 EDITION The most sought after ball from Ebonite is back, but for a limited time. Produced in a small production run as a seasonal [...]

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