We all know that hook sells, and the new Maximum Results certainly will set the hook bar pretty high. The Maximum Results features a modified, stronger version of the original Results core; we have increased the total diff as well as the intermediate diff and lowered the RG. The result is a stronger mid-lane big hooking motion. The modified core is wrapped with the superior performance TS-1 cover stock. 
 The Maximum Results is one of the biggest hooking balls Radical has ever produced. Our goal was to create maximum hook but still have the Radical backend reaction, and the Maximum Results is right on that performance target. Oh, and by the way, it is black with the TS-1 additive and DynamiCore. Good looking and outstanding performance. The RG is 2.49, the total diff is a strong .050, and the intermediate diff is a very high .030, all this amount to lots of total hook and lots of continuation. 

Our second launch has Radical venturing into some uncharted waters for Radical; The Spy is a performance polyester ball using the Incognito core. With the new USBC oiling rule have no minimum oil units required, we feel that a performance polyester ball will help control the driest of lane conditions. 

The Spy is a perfect fit in the Radical lineup. We took the Incognito core’s great performance and wrapped it in a textured polyester cover, creating a ball that has the length desired from polyester with a little extra kick down lane from the asymmetrical Incognito core. The Spy features a medium RG 2.51 with a strong diff of .053 and a medium intermediate diff of .017. Wrapped in our great-looking textured polyester cover, The Spy is not only eye-catching but has the added performance to make it a sure winner. 

At Radical Bowling Technologies, innovation is our commitment. We deliver high tech, high-quality products for the betterment of the game… Wow! That’s Radical! 



URD – 17/6/21
Color – Black

Coverstock – TS-1 Solid
Cover Type – Solid Reactive
Core – Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
RG 15lb 2.49
DIFF 15lb .050
ASY 15lb .030
Finish – 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad


Color – Red/Black
Coverstock – Textured Polyester
Cover Type – Polyester
Core – Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
RG 15lb 2.51
DIFF 15lb .053
ASY 15lb .017
Finish – 500, 1000 Siaair, Crown Factory Compound/Polish

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